How to Deal with Church Social Media Criticism

Here is some needed advice for dealing with church social media criticism that is posted to your sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Unfortunately, church Facebook pages or social media accounts can be targeted by those who have a less than favorable view of your church. –  Jonathan Howe

I have dealt with a number of critics on the various social sites that I moderate and have found it to be frustrating and even discouraging at times. Sometimes those interactions turned out good, other times, not so good. Other times, I felt like just shutting the social pages off all together. Despite how I might feel about it, social media websites like Facebook are a reality in this digital age, and if used correctly, can be an excellent outreach tool for the ministries in your church. Therefore, the question shouldn’t be “do I really need this extra frustration?,” but “how can we honor Christ and be a good testimony in our response to online critics?”

With that said, I would go a little further and say that these tips are not for handling people who just wants to attack the church or make obnoxious and gross remarks about the church because they just want a thrill. There are ways of banning those kinds of “contributors.” These tips seem to be geared more for the church that wants a true interaction between members such as youth and parents in the church, or even in the community around the church, perhaps parents that have sent their children to your Vacation Bible School. In any case, I think you’ll benefit from these tips to deal with church social media criticism.

Source: How to Deal with Social Media Criticism of Your Church

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